Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about dentistry and oral health issues. If you have any other questions, we would love to hear from you.
Q: What does maxillofacial mean?
Q: What is oral surgery?
Q: What does it mean to be Board Certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?
Q: Do I need a referral from a dentist to schedule an appointment?
Q: Do I need to have X-rays taken?
Q: What is digital radiography?
Q: What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?
Q: What should I know about general anesthesia?
Q: May I sleep through the surgical procedure?
Q: Do I need someone to drive me home after surgery?
Q: Can I eat before I come in for surgery?
Q: Can I stay with my child during surgery?
Q: How do I know the instruments you use are sterile?
Q: What should I know about wisdom teeth removal?
Q: When should I have my wisdom teeth removed?
Q: Do any of my wisdom teeth have to come out if they haven't caused any problems?
Q: Following surgery, what will I experience after my wisdom teeth are removed?
Q: What is an impacted tooth?
Q: How serious is an impacted tooth?
Q: How long is the surgery for wisdom teeth removal?
Q: What is dry socket?
Q: How is dry socket treated?
Q: What should I know about dental implants?
Q: What are dental implants?
Q: Why are dental implants so popular?
Q: Who is a candidate for dental implants?
Q: What is the success rate of dental implants?
Q: Does it hurt to have dental implants placed?
Q: How long is the surgery for 1 implant?
Q: How long is surgery for multiple implants?
Q: While the implants are bonding to my jawbone, do I have to go without my "teeth"?
Q: If I have insurance how much do I pay at my initial visit?
Q: Do you verify insurance benefits?
Q: Do you accept payment plans?
Q: What languages are spoken in the office?