Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is digital radiography?

A: Oral Surgery Care is now utilizing digital radiography, which is an outgrowth of the space industry that reduces radiation to the patient by approximately 50% from conventional radiography. In addition to reduced radiation, digital radiography eliminates the environmentally hazardous waste products typically produced by radiograph processing, such as developer, fixer, film and processor cleaning agents.

In digital radiography, a sensor connected to a computer is used instead of film. This sensor needs approximately 50% less radiation to be properly exposed than does conventional x-ray film, and the image is available immediately on a computer monitor, instead of waiting for film processing. Dr's Sullivan and Maguire can enlarge, zoom and colorize the image so that a problem is much easier to both diagnose and to illustrate to you. The images are stored electronically and can instantly be copied or sent by e-mail to an insurance company or to your dentist or another specialist for a second opinion.

We feel that this digital technology provides substantial benefits to both you and our staff as well as being more environmentally friendly. Time that used to be wasted in the dark room by our staff can now be spent with you, discussing your care and answering your questions.